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A Low Down Dirty Shame quotes

Bernard: (after Shame lies about him and Wayman) He's lying! Don't believe him, Bernard. Don't believe him.
Shame: Oh, you didn't say that last night when we was in bed together, girl!
Bernard: You *slept* with him? You *sl***! (slaps Wayman senseless)
Wayman: Bernard?
Shame: Save your tears, honey, you never had a chance! Coffee's good with cream but better when it's black!
Bernard: Don't you ever, *ever* call me again. And you "Mr. Coffee", if you like some steamed milk with your double espresso, I'm your man!
Wayman: Bernard, I'm sorry! I promise I'll call you.
Bernard: (simultaneously) Don't sorry me, Wayman!

Shame: Luis says that the white man can kiss his bu**! (to Luis)
Shame: Tell 'em you're friends with Al Sharpton. (Rides off)
Shame: Black Power! Black Power!

Peaches Jordan: You remeber when we first met.
Shame: Yeah. I busted you stuffin' CD's in your underwear.
Peaches Jordan: Well Whatever. I liked you. And I was only 16 and I knew it wouldnt work. Now, I'm 22 going on 23. Can't you see how much I've grown?
Shame: You mean you ain't wearin' that trainer no more?

Shame: I'll go take me a shower and pretend that I didn't wake up in The Crying Game!

Bernard: Calm down.
Wayman: (on the floor convulsing) : Oh, no.
Bernard: Calm down! It's not blood, just wine. (Louder)
Bernard: And the nominees for best actress in a groovy nightclub drama... Miss Wayman Harrington!

Shame: Salt-N-Pepa must had a garage sale.

Peaches Jordan: Shame might be soft on you, but I can see through all that Maybelline. And you ain't nothin' but a gold-diggin' sk***, tryin' to get a man for all he's worth. You hurt Shame again, you betta watch yo' back!

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