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101 Dalmatians (1996) quotes

Frederick: I thought we liked stripes this year.
Cruella De Vil: What kind of sycophant are you?
Frederick: Uh... what kind of sycophant would you like me to be?

Cruella De Vil: My faith in your limited intelligence is momentarily restored.

Cruella De Vil: Congratulations. You three have just won the Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Morons Olympics!
Horace: Who won the gold?
Cruella De Vil: (screaming) SHUT UP! My business, my reputation, my life, has been ruined because you three incompetent TWITS let yourselves be outsmarted by a bunch of dumb animals! And you call yourselves men? *HUH*? I've seen more intelligent pieces of carpet! (suddenly, they notice, too late, a skunk that promptly sprays them all; they all start screaming their heads off and pound against the police van walls)

Horace: (still shivering after falling through the frozen pond) Turn on the heat!
Jasper: *No.* Now with this thing acting the way she is.
Horace: I can't stand the cold no more! I want heat! (turns the heat on himself; the system shorts and the car catches on fire from the heater)

Jasper: (thinking he's trying to take it) Fetch your own!

Jasper: (grabbing one of the puppies by the scuff of its neck after it bites Jasper) Come here, you... spotty little... dog!

Cruella De Vil: (of Horace and Jasper) I've seen more intelligent pieces of carpet!

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