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Rolling Thunder quotes

Janet: I tell ya... the men around here don't respect anything. If I told you all the guys that called me up... A lot of your friends from the base - I didn't even look at 'em.

Johnny: Major, I sure do hate to face all them people.
Major Charles Rane: Then put your glasses on, John.

Texan: Now you are gonna tell us where that money is sooner or later. I would suggest sooner, 'cause later may be too late.

Sister: Well, even white people don't make things any good anymore. I bought a US made TV because I wanted to buy American. And it broke down in three weeks. When the repair man came to fix it he said all the parts were made in Japan anyway. So next time I'm gonna buy one straight from Japan.

Linda Forchet: Bebe, the man is thirsty.
Bebe: Well you sure shouldn't be.

Linda Forchet: I hope you're not just stringing me along, Charlie Rane. I hope that's not all you're doin'.
Major Charles Rane: I don't have to do that, do I?
Linda Forchet: Maybe you do. How old do you think I am?
Major Charles Rane: 25.
Linda Forchet: (smiles) Almost thirty. Been around the course a couple times now.
Major Charles Rane: Well you sure don't look it.
Linda Forchet: Well I do in the morning. And after I've been out partying all night. I do when I'm sitting alone brooding about some worthless man. I've had a few of 'em, you know?
Major Charles Rane: What are you getting at?
Linda Forchet: Only that you can trust me. And I wanna know I can trust you. I wanna help.
Major Charles Rane: Let's get outta here.

Automatic Slim: You dumb as*****, how does it feel to have gone through all this for nothing?

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